Frequently asked questions

Answers to faqs on product testing in Ysamarket

What does Oorjv certification focus on?

Many research papers say, naturally grown foods have high total polyphenol content and high antioxidant activity. The Oorjv certification process looks at both of these aspects. Because an anti-oxidant will give protection to the body from oxidative damage whereas total polyphenolic content is very important for genetic regulation. These compounds have a big influence on our micro/gut bacteria which break these polyphenols into smaller compounds and these compounds are regulating human gene expression.

Recent research shows that we are not having food just to get energy but to regulate the genetic expression of our body.

What is ORAC value and how is it used?

We ascertain the ORAC value and the total polyphenolic compound value based on various tests and parameters to find the best among the products, which is very different from other business models.  In day to day life, the ORAC value of products like rice, lentils and spices are checked to know the best among the products. For example, if three organic certified turmeric products are available, then their ORAC values are tested to find the best among the three.

How is the testing done?

We provide sufficient samples to authorised testing labs to do the testing. We do the testing in the aggregated labs and the transparency of the tests is also maintained. We also audit the labs in which our samples are tested. But, few labs do not allow our internal auditing and in which case we use quality control (QC) method to determine the accuracy.

When the same product is given to two different labs and if the Oorjv test values of the product differs, then how do you finalize the test value?

We do quality control (QC), which means, the same sample is tested twice or thrice to validate the consistency of the result. The consistent value is taken as the final value which resolves the differences if any.

Why do we recommend Oorjv Certification and not USDA Organic certification?

Let us explain this with an example. We buy turmeric for it’s Curcumin content. But, when the Curcumin content of organic and non organic turmeric was tested, there wasn’t a significant difference which came as a shock. Consumers are willing to pay a premium price for pesticide free food. However, it is essential that the foods are also nutrition rich.

In essence, just a test to check the levels of pesticides wouldn’t suffice. While organic produce is definitely good, that isn’t enough. And this is where Oorjv certification has a role to play.

Is a Polyphenol an antioxidant by itself?

Polyphenol need not be an antioxidant. Plants produce polyphenolic compounds for resistivity. A Phenol means six carbon atoms like benzene structure. Polyphenol means multiple units of benzene structure or phenolic groups. Polyphenolic compounds are similar to our white blood cells which protect the body against infection and disease. They also have an additional functionality  of gene regulation. We cannot see such classified information at common places but we can get them only in research papers. YSA has taken up the task of educating the public about this. One of the  functionalities of polyphenols is its antioxidant character.  Plants produce antioxidants to prevent the oxidative damage caused by sunlight and oxygen. It has vitamin C, vitamin E and few polyphenols.

Polyphenols are chemical compounds that have many biological functions. One of the biological functions is antioxidant property. It means protecting the organism from the damage of oxygen. Total polyphenols will determine, the total phenolic compounds that are present in a plant product. One of its actions is antioxidant.

Can we prevent Autism, Low immunity, Nausea, Infertility etc by having polyphenolic rich diet?

The metabolic products of polyphenols are broken down by the gut bacteria in our intestine. And hence polyphenolic rich foods will definitely make an impact on overall health. To prevent autism to a large extent, polyphenols should be consumed from the start of pregnancy. During pregnancy, if the mother starts consuming polyphenol rich foods, then the child would have better immunity towards any diseases/infections.

How long should poly-phenols be consumed?

One attribute of poly-phenols is its antioxidant property. Poly-phenol rich foods act like paint and prevent oxidative damage. They have to be taken lifelong to ensure healthy life.