About Us

Our Story

YSA Market aims to bring you products that exceed the highest quality standards in the market through stringent and scientific testing. Our methods of cultivation, harvesting and processing are the best as all products are made with the wellness of the consumer in mind. The gooseberries are hand picked, the honey is collected from the wild forests of India and the lehiyam is made by apothecaries using traditional methods that have been handed down through generations. Every product of YSA is from our heart to yours.


Empowering Nature and Society by empowering the cornerstone, our farmers.

Our Assurance

  • To provide naturally cultivated foods and food products to all our consumers.
  • To work on a natural and sustainable business model that is a win-win for our consumers and the farmers.
  • To only support and nurture natural ways of cultivation and to not use any genetically modified ingredient.
  • To only use ingredients that are superior in quality.

Quality Certification

All are products undergo rigorous testing by a team of qualified scientists and experts. All products have been certified by Oorjv, a body which ensures that all products have the highest ORAC value. Organic is good but just being organic alone is not enough. So, we needed Oorjv certification.

An additional level of quality control is also done to ensure consistency of quality across all our products and across production at different time lines.