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Why Ysa market?

100% Heirloom & Native Indian

All our products are 100% natural and organic, and are produced native Indian, Which means all our produce are Indian.

How do we empower farmers?

Our farmers are hand picked from all over the country based on the quality of their produce, and making sure their produce yields maximum benefits by reaching out to elite customers like you.

What is non GMO?

Non-GMO stands for Non Genetically Modified Organisms. It is a way of creating organic food that does not have any pesticides or artificial ingredients.

Our latest webinar on organic food and boosting immunity

Understanding Cancer and alternative medicines – Part 1

In this introduction video, Dr. Pradheep Challiyil gives us an eye-opening speech how what is Cancer? What causes and what are the natural food we can consume to protect ourselves from this deadly diseases.

Understanding Cancer and alternative medicines – Part 2

In this video, Dr. Pradheep Challiyil describes the various food that is rich in anti-oxidants we can consume to slow the aging process.

Food Vaccine – A Webinar by Dr. Pradheep Challiyil

In this webinar, Dr. Pradheep Challiyil talks elaborately about the various food we can consume to improve our immunity the natural way. He also discusses the entities and gritty of various healthcare regimes you can follow to fight this pandemic effectively.

A book about spirutuality


Gods and the Powers of Gods

A spiritually insightful book by Dr. Pradheep Challiyil who discusses in lenths and bounds about the Gods and their influence over mankind. 

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