Jamun Fruit Jam (Naval Palam)


  • YSA Market Black Jamun Fruit Jam is manufactured with pure and original black Jamun fruit that is a powerhouse of iron and Vitamin C
  • It helps to improve vision and prevents any vision-related ailments
  • Effectively enhances the hemoglobin count and prevents anemia
  • Assists in maintaining and enhancing cardiovascular health
  • Black Jamun contains various essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and rich sources of anti-oxidants
  • Jamun fruit helps to manage diabetes by regulating blood sugar efficiently
  • It is perfect for skin health and prevents gastritis too
  • This Jamun Fruit jam is sourced from farmers who follow traditional farming methodologies, which do not involve the usage of harsh chemicals
  • The ingredients are verified for their purity by using scientific tools by OORJ
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