Important update

A quick update to all our preferred YSA Market Customers. As we are planning to do a complete company restructuring internally, the product store side of YSA Market will be handled by Kapila Nalam (Our Exclusive Preferred Vendor where we procure most of our products). All our YSA Market products will be available to order in the below mentioned link.
Please contact our customer service (+918056068699) for any questions.
Thank you much for all your support and encouragement.

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Our latest webinar on organic food and boosting immunity

Understanding Cancer and alternative medicines – Part 1

In this introduction video, Dr. Pradheep Challiyil gives us an eye-opening speech how what is Cancer? What causes and what are the natural food we can consume to protect ourselves from this deadly diseases.

Understanding Cancer and alternative medicines – Part 2

In this video, Dr. Pradheep Challiyil describes the various food that is rich in anti-oxidants we can consume to slow the aging process.

Food Vaccine – A Webinar by Dr. Pradheep Challiyil

In this webinar, Dr. Pradheep Challiyil talks elaborately about the various food we can consume to improve our immunity the natural way. He also discusses the entities and gritty of various healthcare regimes you can follow to fight this pandemic effectively.

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