Seeraga Samba Rice For a Better Health

Seeraga samba is a popular rice variety that is widely grown in Tamil Nadu. It is also an age-old rice that is native to Tamil Nadu. It is one of the exotic and expensive rice varieties that is used to make pulao and biriyani, especially for feasts. This rice variety got its name as Seeraga rice as it resembles the cumin seeds in size, which is called Seeragam in Tamil. This popular rice is called by names in India. Few are mentioned below.

Telegu – Samba annam, Chitti Muthyalu

Bengal – Gobindo-bhog

Malayalam – Kaima rice

Tamil – Seeraga samba

Hindi – Jeera rice

seeraga samba

“The tiny, but immensely popular and pricey, seeraga samba may well become the first rice variety from Tamil Nadu to get the Geographical Indication (GI) tag. The rice variety is named after seeragam, the Tamil name for cumin seeds, since the rice is as fine as the condiment.”

When it’s cooked properly, these grains are fluffy and loose. It absorbs the flavor of the masala and spices, instead of lending the dish a strong flavor the way Basmathi rice does.

Nutrition facts

Nutrients (per 100 g)

Nutritional values


170 kcal


3 g


38 g

Total dietary fiber

2.3 g



Seeraga samba rice does not contain any amounts of fat, which is ideal for everyone including obese people. Contains good amounts of fiber and protein.

Health benefits

Rich source of Selenium

Seeraga samba rice contains good amounts of Selenium which is highly beneficial for our health. Selenium helps in various ways which are explained in detail below.

  • Selenium is one of the powerful anti-oxidants that helps in protecting our body from free-radicals that cause harmful effect to our internal system
  • It might reduce the risk of certain type of cancer that include – colon, intestine and breast cancer
  • Protects our heart from all cardio related diseases
  • Improves mental health
  • Improves the functioning of thyroid gland and prevents hormonal imbalance caused by thyroid gland
  • Boosts general immunity that helps to fight harmful viruses and bacteria
  • Prevents and helps to reduce symptoms of Asthma
  • Selenium also helps on reducing inflammation and oxidative stress effectively
“The study showed that 200 µg of selenium, in the form of selenium-enriched yeast containing 65%–80% selenomethionine (3–4 times above the RDA), reduced total mortality, mortality from all cancers and decreased the incidence of lung, colorectal and prostate cancer in individuals compared to those taking a placebo after a 8–10 year follow up”

Good source of energy

Seeraga samba rice is considered one of the best rice varieties that tastes very yummy and good for health too. When consumed, it provides good amount of energy that can keep a person very active. 100gms of rice can provide 170Kcal and it does contain any fat. Which makes it an ideal rice type for people who are obese and for people who are in their weight loss journey.

Zero Cholesterol

Jeera rice or Seeraga samba can be very beneficial for people who choose cholesterol free foods. Though it contains good amounts of energy or calories, it does not contain any bad cholesterol and fat. This helps to prevent cardio related health issues and improves energy expenditure. Since it contains low levels of fat, Sodium and cholesterol, it helps in reducing obesity and symptoms related to the health condition.

Regulates blood pressure

Sodium plays a very important in regulating blood sugar levels. High Sodium levels can cause high blood pressure which leads to various health issues like stroke, brain damage, heart issues and vision related issues. Seeraga samba rice can be very helpful for people who suffer high blood pressure. It contains low levels of Sodium when compared to other rice varieties, which regulates the blood pressure.



 Low Glycemic Index

Seeraga samba rice variety comes under Low Glycemic Index foods, which means it takes longer time for digestion. This helps to reduce food cravings; makes you feel full for longer durations. When The food is digested slowly, the sugar release in to the blood stream is slower and controlled. This is very beneficial for diabetic patients who wish to consume rice to satisfy their taste buds.

“The rapid large rise in blood glucose following consumption of high-GI food triggers a large insulin response and strongly inhibits glucagons release. For most foods, a good correlation exists between glucose and insulin responses, with high-GI foods eliciting large insulin responses [], which trigger rapid uptake of nutrients by insulin-responsive tissues and suppress nutrient mobilization. Glucose uptake and glycogen synthesis in skeletal muscle and liver, and lipogenesis in adipose tissue, are increased. Simultaneously, gluconeogenesis and glucose out-put by liver and lipolysis are suppressed.
Low-GI diets give a more stable diurnal profile, reducing postprandial hyperglycaemia and hyperinsulinaemia, and attenuating late postprandial rebounds in circulating free fatty acids, all factors that exacerbate various components of the metabolic syndrome [].”

Prevents constipation

“Life-style modification is usually recommended as first-line treatment, but data on the effectiveness of these measures are limited. Laxatives are most commonly used for treatment of constipation, but frequent use of these drugs may lead to some adverse effects, and alternative treatment measure is therefore needed. Increase of dietary fiber intake has been recommended to treat constipation of children and adults. “

We all know that constipation can be very troublesome. There may be various reasons for constipation, but low intake of fiber is one of the main reasons. Soluble fiber can be absorbed by our body through vegetables, vegetables, legumes and cereals.

Seeraga Samba rice is one of the popular rice varieties that contains good amounts of Soluble fiber in it. When consumed, it does not cause constipation and also regulates bowel movements.

The Seeraga Samba rice available with YSA Market is hand pounded and sourced from farmers who follow traditional farming methodologies. The rice is also tested for its originality and purity to bring you the best quality. Once you try it, when you make a variety rice, pulav or biryani, Jeera rice or Seeraga samba rice will be your first choice.


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