Top ways to use Turmeric for daily consumption

Turmeric is a regularly used Indian Spice that has gained a lot of popularity across the world. Turmeric contains a component called “Curcumin” that contains multiple medicinal properties. It is a spice that can be added to any food cooked at home and can also be part many drinks. Turmeric can be grown in tropical climate conditions. It is widely cultivated in India, Thailand and islands in Indian Ocean.

Top Health benefits of Curcumin

Curcumin when consumed regularly can be highly beneficial to treat external and internal inflammation, heal small wounds and cuts, and improves immunity. It is also a natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial in nature, which prevents and treats various infections. Oxidative stress can lead to various health issues and Curcumin is a rich source of anti-oxidants, which helps in rejuvenating the internal organs. This also slows down the ageing process and improves the function of the overall system.

It is a perennial herbaceous plant which belongs to the ginger family. The tuber rhizomes are grown underground, which was used as a condiment originally during ancient times. It was also used for its aroma in various perfumes and as an aromatic stimulant.

The natural orangish yellow color of Turmeric

The rich and strong color stain that it contains is orangish -yellow, which works as a natural colorant in natural color and fabric industries. When turmeric is consumed regularly, it can provide various health benefits and treat many illnesses. There are many ways to use turmeric for daily consumption. Top ten ways are explained further.

turmeric roots

“According to the review, curcumin can influence a wide range of molecules that play a role in cancer, including transcription factors, which are vital for DNA replication; growth factors; cytokines, which are important for cell signalling; and apoptotic proteins, which help control cell death.” –

Turmeric in your milk

The moment you hear turmeric in your milk, “Golden Milk” strikes your mind. Yes, warm golden milk can be very healthy and also tasty, which can be consumed by people across ages. If you have the habit of consuming milk every day, just add a pinch of YSA Market Turmeric powder to it. This is one of the easiest ways to consume turmeric everyday consciously. Sometimes our body does not absorb all of the curcumin that is consumed by us. To enjoy the benefits of curcumin, just add a pinch of pepper powder to the milk along with turmeric powder. Pepper contains a compound called “Piperine”, that helps the body absorb the most nutrients from turmeric.

golden milk

“There are two theories to explain how piperine helps in increasing the absorption of curcumin. Firstly, piperine slows the breakdown of curcumin by the liver, increasing its blood levels. Secondly, piperine makes it easier for curcumin to pass through the intestinal wall and into the bloodstream.” –

Turmeric tea

Curcumin is considered as a low availability compound that our body finds it difficult to access and absorb it into our system. Hence, high concentrations of curcumin are used widely to treat various illness. Tea that is brewed with natural grated turmeric root or pure/original turmeric powder can be a way to gain maximum curcumin content into the body.

How to prepare Turmeric tea?

  • Add two cups of water and boil
  • Add freshly ground turmeric root, or freshly grated turmeric root or YSA Market Turmeric powder to the boiling water
  • You can add a pinch of pepper powder and cinnamon powder for added taste and flavour
  • Once the ingredients are boiled in water for five minutes, turn the flame off
  • Add honey or country sugar to sweeten the drink
  • Consume it when it is warm

One can also consume turmeric along with Aavaram poo Tea, Which helps in alleviating pain and improving stamina!

Turmeric paste

Turmeric paste can used for various purposes. Freshly ground paste can be used for skin care, itching, treat any rashes, inflammation reduction, and it even heals any small wounds on the skin. Fresh roots can be peeled and ground in a blender with little amounts of water to get fresh paste. The paste can be added to oil and boiled to make turmeric oil too. The oil can be applied topically for regular use. In India, little babies and children are massaged with turmeric oil and bathed in warm water. The turmeric paste is also used by women as a part of the skin care routine.

“Curcumin has also been shown to suppress inflammation through many different mechanisms beyond the scope of this review, thereby supporting its mechanism of action as a potential anti-inflammatory agent”.

turmeric paste

Turmeric lemon juice

This may be new to many, but it was one of the favorites of our Kings of the ancient kingdom! Turmeric is added to boiling water, pinch of black pepper powder and jaggery is added to the boiling water too. Once water is cooled, few drops of lemon juice is added before drinking. This delicious drink can boost energy and also provide one with loads to energy. This combination also helps to flush out toxins from the body.

Turmeric can be lavishly added to the below mentioned foods

  • Add to eggs and scrambles
  • Add to any greens that you cook
  • Gives wonderful flavours to lentils when cooked
  • Can be added to rice, biryani, pulao and even varieties of rice like – lemon rice, tomato rice and mint rice
  • Blend with any smoothie along with veggies or fruits
  • Can be added to tossed vegetables
  • It can even act as food color in any sweet dishes like Kesari, Jalebi and Jhangiri
  • It is also a big part of  Indian savoury snacks


YSA Market Turmeric powder is sourced from farmers who cultivate the plant using traditional farming methodologies. The turmeric roots are processed in natural methods and powdered with any added colors or adulteration. The ingredients are tested using scientific tools to ascertain its purity, by OORJ, to ensure the best is brought to our customers. If you have not tried our Turmeric powder, try it now!




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