Ellu Legiyam (Sesame seeds)


  • YSA Market Ellu legiyam, also know as sesame seeds legiyam, is a nutrient-rich combination with high sources of calcium that has many health benefits for women and treats infertility in men.
  • This health-packed superfood, consisting of high medicinal values, is combined with original Vedic A2 cow ghee, pure sesame oil, and country sugar.
  • Women who suffer from irregular periods can benefit from consuming Ellu legiyam to regulate the menstrual cycle and reduce bleeding during the process.
  • To get periods when delayed, this can be consumed a week before the expected cycle start date to initiate the menstruation process.
  • Due to its high antioxidants and anti-estrogenic properties, Black Sesame seeds legiyam is highly recommended for couples trying to conceive a baby as it significantly improves fertility in both men and women.
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