Immunity Boosting and Respiratory Wellness Kit 3


Swasamirtham + Thirikadugam + Bokhar pain balm

  • An effective combination of natural herbs and roots that boosts immunity effectively
  • Prevents and helps to find relief from discomforts caused by respiratory illness
  • All ingredients are sourced from farmers who follow traditional methods
  • Free from preservatives and adulteration
  • Scientifically tested and certified by OORJ

How to consume:

Swasamirtham – One spoon at night (after food) for adults. Peanut size quantity for children above three years. (500g)

Thirikadugam – Add a pinch to warm milk and consume at night, right before sleep. Not advisable for children. (100g)

Bokhar pain balm – Add three drops in 50ml warm water and consume twice a day. Use only one drop or lesser for children above three years. (15ml)

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