3 Ways to Use Activated Charcoal for Health and Skin


The Science Behind Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is a powder that is extracted from burning coconut shells, peat, bamboo, coal, sawdust, olive pits, and sometimes even from petroleum coke. The charcoal powder is activated when it is processed at very high temperatures. During the process, it becomes highly porous in nature, which makes it super absorbent.

YSA Market’s Nano Charcoal for Skin, Hair and Teeth

Nano charcoal powder for skin

The porous nature of the charcoal powder makes it an excellent ingredient for skincare. This powder can be mixed with water and applied on the skin like a mask. It removes 

nano charcoal facial mask

excess oil, treats and prevents acne, drains fluids out of the pimples, and also helps to have smooth soft skin. When used regularly, it prevents premature ageing and reduces inflammation on the skin. It draws out impurities and toxins from the surface layer of the skin and aids in maintaining smooth skin.

Activated nano charcoal powder can absorb moisture multiple times than its weight. The super absorbency nature makes it an ideal powder to absorb impurities from the skin surface. Nano charcoal powder can be used for multiple purposes.

Nano charcoal powder for Hair

Do you know that charcoal powder can be used on your hair too? Just like how it works wonders on your skin, it can help you cleanse the scalp effectively. When applied on the scalp like a hair mask, it unclogs the pores and removes excess sebum that is created in the scalp. This will stimulate the hair follicles for better growth and adds volume to the hair. It also removes dirt and helps in maintaining a clean scalp. When used regularly, it prevents dandruff and itchiness too.

Nano charcoal powder for Teeth

Charcoal powder has been in use for cleaning teeth since ancient times in India. Our ancestors used charcoal powder for cleaning teeth and gums when they had access to toothpaste. It helps to eliminate bad breath, prevents bacteria, and also keeps the gums strong.

Charcoal powder is very popular for whitening teeth. When used regularly, nano charcoal powder can whiten dull teeth. This natural tooth whitener protects the gums from infection too.

There are many other uses for nano charcoal powder. Few are mentioned below.

  • To purify water – Activated nano charcoal powder is used to filter and purify water. It removes unwanted dirt, toxins, and harmful bacteria, and gives good quality water for consumption.
  • To cleanse the kidney – Charcoal powder is consumed in the form of tablets to clean and improve the functioning of the kidney. It also reduces inflammation and intestinal gas.
  • Treats diarrhea – It is said that nano charcoal powder can prevent bacteria that cause diarrhea.
  • Prevents virus and bacteria – The natural anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal property, helps to prevent and remove them from the internal system.
  • Flushes out toxins – Eliminates toxins and detoxifies the body for better functioning.
  • Treats skin infection – Pure activated charcoal powder can help in treating mild skin infections effectively.

The nano charcoal powder available with YSA market is highly pure and has no added preservatives. It is checked and verified for its purity and provides many benefits when used regularly.

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