Organic Food Products You Must Include to Your Daily Grocery

What is Organic food?

Grains or vegetables or fruits that are produced in a farmland, that has not been fertilized with prohibited chemicals, for a minimum period of 3 years. Many synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are considered harmful for health and are prohibited by the government. Organic food should not contain Non-modified GMOs as well.

Organic foods mostly are fresh dairy products, fruits, vegetables, fresh produce of meats, fish and sometimes even frozen foods that are not processed.

Why is the term “Organic” gaining a lot of popularity in recent times?

People have gained a lot of awareness about the amount of chemicals entering into their body through foods that are produced by conventional farming methods.

Conventional method of farming involves different types of chemicals in different stages of farming, which helps to keep insects away from the produce. These chemicals cause harm in various ways when consumed on a regular basis. Hence people have started preferring organically produced products rather than the conventional ones.

What organic food products can you include in your everyday meals?

In India, organic variant of rice, wheat, maize, corn and millets are produced without any usage of chemicals to ward of insects. Instead, natural compost fertilizers are used as manure to produce good quality grains.

You can find some organically grown Grains, Seeds, Spices and Pulses here:

Fresh vegetables

Vegetables that are organically produced tops the list. Spinach, fresh greens, tomatoes, brinjal, potato, cauliflower, carrot, capsicum, beetroot, pumpkin, ash gourd and bitter gourd are some of the organically grown vegetables that are produced in India.

Fresh fruits
Banana, water melon, musk melon, grapes, mangoes, pomegranates and apples are some of the fresh fruits that are grown organically in India. These fruits are available in local markets and stores near. These fruits are let to ripen without involvement of chemicals, unlike the regular ones.

Milk and milk products
Organic milk is obtained from cows that are naturally fed without any usage of growth hormone, anti-biotics or chemicals that are used to induce more milk secretion. Organically raised cows are allowed to graze in the natural environment and are not force fed.
Milk products that are produced with the organic milk and without any usage of chemicals, are considered organic milk products like milk powder, cheese, yogurt and many more.

Organic eggs are procured from farmers who use only organic feed for the chickens and are not injected with growth hormones. Organically raised chickens are also not caged and they are free to graze.

Organic meat is procured from animals that are not naturally fed with fodder, grass, fruits and green leafy vegetables. They should also not be exposed to radiation, pesticides, herbicides, GMOs or any additives.




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