Swasamrutham – An Ayurvedic Herbal Concoction for Respiratory Wellness



What is Swasamrutham?

In this current scenario and the amount of pollution in the environment, respiratory illness and breathing related issues are on the rise. In this inevitable situation, we need to boost our immunity and keep our body in a healthy condition to be prepared to fight various infections and diseases. Ayurveda can help you boost your immunity and fight many health ailments without any side effects in the long run. Swasamrutham is a unique combination of herbs and roots, that helps one boost immunity naturally. CLICK HERE to Buy!

How Swasamrutham is made?

It is manufactured by using original and authentic herbs that are sourced from native farmers. The specialty is that it does not contain any form of preservative. It contains dashamoola roots that provides plenty of health benefits when consumed on a regular basis. The ten roots that are called dashamoola are mentioned below.

  1. Agnimantha
  2. Bilwa
  3. Bruhati
  4. Gokshura
  5. Kantakari
  6. Kashmari
  7. Patala
  8. Prushniparni
  9. Shaliparni
  10. Shyonaka

The roots and herbs that are part of Swasamrutham, can boost your health naturally. Take a look at the benefits of Swasamrutham consumption everyday. 

Reduces internal inflammation

The medicinal properties in the herbs and roots can reduce and treat internal inflammation. It can also treat muscle inflammation due to infections or injury. Inflamed internal organs can pose a threat if left untreated in the long run. Regular consumption of the dashamoola extract will help you to treat internal organ inflammation. 

Aids digestion

The dashamoola roots and herbs in Swasamrutham can help you reduce discomfort caused because of indigestion. It also reduces bloating and gas. Regular consumption will help you regulate the bowel movements effectively.

Prevents and reduces symptoms of respiratory ailments

Dashamoola and herbs extracts that are present in Swasamrutham helps you to prevent many respiratory illnesses like allergy, bronchitis, pneumonia and even the common flu. It boosts the general body immunity, which in-turn protects from fever, cold, cough and any infectious diseases. 

Help you find relief from migraine

Migraine usually causes headache, nausea, vomiting and bloating/gas. Dashamoola roots and herbs can help you find relief from all the symptoms caused by migraine. Regular intake of the extract can help you reduce the frequency of migraine attacks and general headache. 

Improves muscle strength

The medicinal properties in the herbs and roots are said to treat and reduce pain related to arthritis. It helps you strengthen the joints and improve the muscle tone in the body. Joint pain can cause muscles to weaken or overburdened, which can also be treated by the dashamoola extract.

The Swasamrutham available with YSA market is manufactured using native herbs and roots, sourced from authentic native farmers. The product is unadulterated and preservative free. Buy Now!

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